PHP style date and time formatting for ASP

I don’t often work in VBScript for ASP anymore as I find PHP to be approximately 100 times more robust. One area where this is immediately apparent is the difference between date formatting options between the two languages. While PHP has its date() function that can format a date in almost any form imaginable, VBScript’s FormatDateTime() is limited to a few constants that I find to be too much or too little information in almost every case where I need it. So to make up for the lack of formatting support I wrote a date()-like function to use in ASP.

It supports about 98% of the formatting options that date does, with anything timezone related being the bulk of what’s missing (since there is NO way to get the servers timezone information via VBScript). Feel free to copy, modify and redistribute as long as you remember to give fair credit. Speaking of which, every bit of this function was hand-written by me except for the Unix timestamp formatting piece which I found at and decided to use because it was right there in front of me.

You can view or download the code as a text file.

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  1. I also like PHP because its much easier then ASP.

    When I was programming in ASP it took hours and hours of my time and you know my hairs are now white hahaha. When I Start programming in PHP my hair seems black slowly slowly ..

    Thanks for sharing by the way.

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