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I’m a parent, vegetarian, skeptic, humanist, nerd, and software developer living in Sarasota, Florida. I prefer he/him pronouns.

I’ve been developing web applications and desktop software professionally since 2000. My specialty and passion is developing the back-end systems that drive robust applications, both as a software programmer and as a consultant/analyst.

Most notably I’ve published and maintain a Ruby gem named Enumpath, I’ve written two Firefox extensions (links below), was co-founder of GamertagDatabase.com (I was interviewed about it on Xbox.com; we sold it in 2005), was the lead developer of MyFamilyCanHelp.com, which helped those displaced by Hurricane Katrina find temporary housing, and have made contributions to several open-source projects on GitHub. I am also the founder of two Internet technology networking groups -  the Providence Web Development Lunch Hour Group in Providence, RI (organizer position relinquished in Dec 2007), and the similarly named Sarasota Web Development Meetup Group in Sarasota, FL.

I enjoy working as a contributing engineer or architect, as a team lead or mentor, on long-­term, full­-stack software projects. I prefer small, spirited teams working thoughtfully using Ruby, TDD and agile methodologies, ideally working with engineers that are passionate about their craft and proud of their product.

I am currently employed as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer with BrightBytes, where I help manage their data pipeline process which provides insights to education administrators and teachers on the effectiveness of technology deployed in their schools, classrooms, and virtual learning environments, and which can highlight students at risk of dropping out.

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