An ode to Smucker’s PB & J Mashup

Dear Smucker’s,

I love Goobers. It’s a perfect snack right out of the jar. However, a coworker and I were just discussing the merits of using it for an actual PB&J sandwich and we feel that it is far too difficult to ensure an even quantity of both PB and J when scooping from a jar of Goober. With that in mind, I feel that you should shorten and widen the Goober jar. This would help to ensure greater control of the spreading/scooping utensil and thus a more even distribution (poor scooping/spreading skills of the scooper/spreader not withstanding). It would also enable jar-to-mouth consumers, like myself, to more easily consume Goober with a spoon without having to get the product all over my knuckles when I get down to the bottom of the jar.

One final recommendation for you as well: A Natural PB version. I suppose the floating mess of oil at the top, covering the jelly, wouldn’t be too appealing. But given the recent debut of other “no need to stir” natural PB products perhaps therein lies the answer. The market is wide open for more Goober mixes. Lets Get er’ done!

* This post was originally published on April 16, 2006 at

You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

— H.R. Haldeman