Join (implode) an Array of String Values with Formatting

In programming, I often need to join values together from an array. Typically this will be to do something on the backend, like join a list of integers together in a comma-delimited string for use in a SQL statement. For those times, the native join/implode functions work fine. Occasionally however, we need to finesse the resulting string to look a little more readable. I wrote a small function to do so. It’s called pretty_join()

[gist id=1021214 file=pretty_join.php]

Given an array of 0 or more values, pretty_join() will concatenate all of the values together using a common delimiter (a comma by default) except for the last two values which will be joined by the final separator (an ampersand by default).


[gist id=1021214 file=pretty_join_examples.php]

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