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I’m a father, vegetarian, software developer, and triathlete living in Sarasota, Florida.

I’ve been developing web applications and desktop software professionally since 2000. My specialty and passion is developing the back-end systems that drive robust applications, both as a software programmer and as a consultant/analyst.

Most notably, I’ve written two Firefox extensions (links below), was co-founder of GamertagDatabase.com (sold in 2005), was the lead developer of MyFamilyCanHelp.com, which helped those displaced by Hurricane Katrina find temporary housing, and have made contributions to several open-source projects on GitHub. I am also the founder of two Internet technology networking groups –  the Providence Web Development Lunch Hour Group in Providence, RI (organizer position relinquished in Dec 2007), and the similarly named Sarasota Web Development Meetup Group in Sarasota, FL.

I was most recently employed at Panoptic Development, Inc. as a Sr. Software Engineer, where I helped our clients simplify the process of software development by using a hybrid project management style that mixes Agile and traditional methodologies. We worked exclusively with Open Source technologies.

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