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Writing the First Cucumber Feature


I’m currently working on my first BDD project, but after reading through the Cucumber wiki for what felt like the 100th time I was still not sure where to start. I tried generating a boilerplate feature file as the documentation suggests (even though the documentation then tries to dissuade you from taking that approach in the next paragraph), but the generated file didn’t really provide much guidance so I was back to square one. Finally I started asking for advice on the freenode #cucumber channel. It seemed like a shot in the dark, knowing that every project is different and there isn’t really a single pattern that would work for everyone. The initial responses were less than illuminating, but after a few short minutes someone offered the following advice:

It seems so simple now. Now to see if that actually cures my writers block.

Useful SQL Commands


In the late 1990’s I took several professional development courses at a WPI satellite school, which eventually led to my current career track as a web application developer. One of the courses involved an introduction to database theory. At the end of the course the professor passed out a page of useful SQL commands that we would probably have need of at some point in our lives. I’ve held on to it for a long time and have referenced it often. I’ve decided to post it here for two reasons: It’s easier for me to find this way (and I can bookmark it), and someone else might find it useful. The tips were specific to Oracle, but I imagine (I’m not a DBA so don’t take my word for it) that most of these commands, if not all of them, are valid under many modern Db engines.

Useful SQL Commands.pdf

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Simple Optimization for PHP and MySQL


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Here is a list of a few very simple tips for optimizing your php/mysql applications. Keep these in mind while developing.

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