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Setting up a Rails 5 app from edge


Update: Many people reported issues with installing the proper version of Rack, so I’ve updated step 3 to account for that.

I just returned from RailsConf 2015 and wanted to checkout some of the new features of Rails 5 that @dhh highlighted in his keynote. Here’s how I got up and running on edge rails in a few quick steps.

1. Create the project directory

2. Setup your environment

Rails 5 requires Ruby >= 2.2.2. I’m using RVM in this case,¬†but you can use whatever Ruby environment manager that¬†works for you.

3. Install edge Rails so we can generate a new project

Note that we included both Arel and Rack from source as well. At the time of writing, ActiveRecord requires Arel >= 7.0.0.alpha which isn’t available on yet, and ActionPack requires Rack >= 2.0 which also isn’t released yet, so these two lines are required to resolve that dependency.

4. Generate the rails app

The --force flag will allow Rails to overwrite our Gemfile, and the --dev flag tells Rails to point to the edge version of Rails that we just bundled.

5. Profit!


Setting up a Rails 3 virtual machine using Vagrant and VirtualBox


I recently started bringing other developers on board to help me with a project that up until then I had been the sole developer on. I already had some rudimentary installation instructions that I had updated on occasion as I was originally developing the application, but it turns out that all the developers experienced problems of one kind or another while following along on their own development machines. Although I had recommended using RVM to at least isolate the application gem bundle, it was clear that there were other per-machine libraries and dependencies that were not being accounted for. So, I decided to include instructions on setting up a virtual machine which would hopefully alleviate these issues. My problem with VMs in general though, especially ones that you want to spin up and tear down quickly, is that it’s still possible for everyone involved in the project to be using a different VM manager and linux distro, and thus a different package manager and standard lib setup, and you still need to do a lot of setup after the fact to get all the necessary components to work. Enter Vagrant. (more…)

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