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A note about synchronous xmlhttp requests and Firefox


Since I just spent the better part of Friday debugging this problem and then the better part of Friday night Googling for a work around, it’s worth noting that there is a “bug” in the Firefox implementation of the xmlHTTPRequest object when using it for synchronous calls (i.e. the rest of the script pauses and waits for the request to complete, unlike typical asynchronous AJAX calls). When using the xmlhttp object in a synchronous fashion, Firefox does not process the onreadystatechange handler. Thus, any libraries that are dependent on this (for running post processing functions for example) will fail to work under these conditions. Interestingly, having the Firebug extension installed causes the object to behave properly. So a secondary note is to always test your apps in a “clean” instance of Firefox.

Here are the details that I came across, along with a work around: Lukav’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Firefox firebug and synchronos calls problem.

I’ve also set up a set of tests to demonstrate the problem. Try in both Firefox and IE to see the differences.

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Clean And Close Extension for Firefox


I just created my first extension for Firefox. I call it Clean And Close, and it’s a simple overlay for the Download Manager window that replaces the default Clean Up button with a spiffy new Clean & Close button. The new button does exactly what the old button does, except that it also closes the window afterwards. I wrote it as a learning exercise, but it also gets rid of an extra click that was always an annoyance for me. It’s currently pending approval on the Mozilla Addons site, but should be available for download soon.

If you’re looking to develop your own extensions for Mozilla products, the Building an Extension tutorial on Mozilla’s Developer web site is what I referenced for Clean & Close.

* This post was originally published on May 23, 2006 at

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