Chris Bloom

Chris Bloom

I've been developing web applications since earning certificates in client/server technologies and Unix administration from WPI in 1998/1999. I began my career using classic ASP, but now focus on PHP while experimenting with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I specialize in creating scalable, data-driven web applications. I have worked with a variety of servers and development environments. I am analytical, thorough and user-conscious. I enjoy working directly with users and clients. I am a proponent of designing and testing for usability, unobtrusive scripting, accessibility, semantic markup, white-space, in-line comments, table-reduced designs and content reduction.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Custom Application Like an Employee


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Custom software can be an expensive investment, but if you design it to do a job and invest in it like an employee, you’ll be able to track results better and budget for it accordingly. So when a potential client comes to us looking to have a custom application built, one of the first things we want to know is, what’s its job? Whether it’s going to be a mobile app, a website, an API, an embedded system, a device driver, or whatever, every custom application ultimately works for that client, just like their employees.

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